Open Foursquare

People have asked me if I like foursquare and what do I use it for. I love foursquare and use it all the time. I check-in, but mainly use it for unexpected deals and getting tips on the best dishes to eat at restaurants. I find Yelp’s novels not great for quickly picking food, especially since it can be rude reading through paragraphs at text when you’re with guests. While I do not seek deals out when choosing places to visit, deals do keep me loyal to foursquare and are unexpected bonuses whenever I check-in.

I am very bullish on foursquare and very impressed with how they used their app as a way to source data, taking years to get to this end-point they were obviously planning for a long time.  If foursquare starts monetizing and succeeds, this will be another great argument for venture backed capital in general.