Here’s a great way to network that I just learned courtesy of Professor Duggan who teaches Napolean’s Glance at Columbia Business School: 

The first thing to note is DO NOT DO THIS TO GET A JOB. A job may come from your networking, but you are genuinely doing this to meet people and gain knowledge.

Come up with one question you want to know more about in the industry you’re interested in. Then email somebody you want to network with in that industry your question. When they reply, thank them, and then ask if there is anybody else you can ask that question to.

In a short time, you’ll become very knowledgable about a topic and one of these people will notice (it might be 30 people later, it might be 50) and offer you a chance to interview. From their perspective, if they have a team that needs a spot and you appear knowledgable, they may connect the two.

Again, do not do this looking for a job. Do this because you want to learn more. People don’t like being used for job opportunities, but most are willing to answer questions.