Addendum to my Nintendo Post

We actually already have data on how well a Nintendo game would sell on iOS. Currently the number one paid app in the app store is Remote File Manager. Why is it number one? Because it has a secret Super Nintendo emulator. There are also a number of Super Mario clones that always do well on the charts as well.

The only risk Nintendo faces by releasing a game on iOS is potential cannibalization. Given 3DS and WiiU sales, I find it hard to believe that the customer bases overlap much. Even if they do, die-hard Nintendo fans are likely to buy the game on both platforms (Ask yourself how many times you’ve bought the same version of a Nintendo game on different platforms? I know I’ve bought original Nintendo games and then again on GBA and the WII Virtual Console). If anything, exposing Nintendo IP is likely an appetizer that could ignite hardware sales.

It’s hard to say anything is a no-brainer, but we have actual sales data. Nintendo can only stick its head in the ground for so long…