Social Media Resolutions for 2014

Here are some ways I hope to improve my social media habits in 2014. I hope it gives you some ideas about how you should be using social media in 2014 as well.

1. Don't be lazy - Post natively for each platform

A lot of tools for social media (including Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social) let you queue or schedule posts, which can be incredibly useful. Most of those services also let you write one post and share it to multiple social networks.

Increasingly, I find this does not work because it's lazy. It's so easy to just post once. But the result is not optimized for each platform. It ignores the platform's context even if it's good content.

This year I resolve that when I want to share on multiple networks, I'll do so in a native format for each.

2. More pictures

Twitter really put a big emphasis at the end of 2013 on pictures, with pictures included in the stream of the mobile app and also in direct messages. Pictures already engaged better on Facebook. And of course Instagram and Pinterest are built on pictures. I plan on including a picture with every post, if at all possible. Even a picture of text can be interesting and informative.

  I wrote this blog post with  Draft

I wrote this blog post with Draft

3. Engage influencers through lists

Torrey Dye wrote one of my favorite social media posts of the year on how to engage with influencers. It requires some setup by creating a twitter list, but it works. I intend to follow it this year.

4. Test and embrace emerging platforms

Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram Video all took off in 2013. I can't predict what product will break out in 2014, but whatever it may be, I plan to embrace it. Get on early, experiment with the format, and find out what works. Getting in early is an easy way to gain a competitive advantage.

5. Use one platform to drive data to another

My favorite and most used social network is twitter. It's also not surprisingly where I have the largest following. I of course have a presence on most other social networks, plus slideshare and my email newsletter which I want to grow.

I plan to use twitter to build awareness of my other presences. Especially my email newsletter - with twitter lead gen cards - which you should sign up for here.