Full Stack Marketing - Education for Digital Marketers

Having a Great Product or Service Is Not Enough

Peter Theil, Reid Hoffman, and  other successful entrepreneurs have noted, great distribution is key to a company’s success. 75% of startups fail because they never find product/market fit. You need to make sure you find and engage you core audience and that takes marketing. 

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Full Stack Marketing Covers the Full Range of Digital Marketing Services

Do you want to increase the traffic to your website or downloads of your app? Do you need help creating a community of engaged fans on social media? Just as a full stack developer is needed to understand the technology stack from end-to-end, a marketer with a full stack of digital skills is required to meet today's marketing challenges.

What a Full Stack Marketer Needs to Know:

Marketing & Sales

  • SEO - How to acquire visitors via organic search by targeting the right keywords, building links, and optimizing your site
  • PPC - How to write, price, and choose keywords to drive targeted traffic at the right acquisition cost
  • Social Media - How to identify, build, and engage an audience on social platforms
  • Email marketing - How to segment and engage your audience while navigating changing email rules
  • App Store Marketing - How to optimize your app store listing to acquire users via app store search
  • PR - How to make a splash with a new announcement, either through with a traditional press release or in coordination with media outlets
  • Business Development - How to create and maintain partnerships to strategically grow your business


  • Copywriting - How to write a compelling story that draws in your audience, whether in a blog post or a 140 character tweet
  • Content Marketing - How to create compelling and sharable media

Technical Skills

  • Analytics - How to measure and assess changes to performance against a baseline metric
  • A/B Testing - How to locally optimize your site by making small tests
  • Landing Page Optimization - How to serve a page for a specific audience and use it to convert them to your goals
  • Basic HTML/CSS/Javascript - How to make changes to your product to enable your marketing goals by yourself

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